• Ernie7

    so for my bomberman saturn 2 id like you lovely artists to design the 5 robobombers 

    rules:use the design text

    copy bomber:Copy Bomber  is a shadow bomberman cyborg with yellow eyes. he looks like jet bomber and lady bomber as he is a cyborg.

    armored bomber:armored bomber is a golem bomber like robot with artillery enhancements and looks like a walking battleship

    heart bomber:heart bomber is supposed to be a female bomber thats colored dark pink and has 1 heart emblems on each limb

    necromancy bomber:necromancy bomber is a grim reaper like bomber that has a reaper like cloak and a skull emblem on the cloak

    master bomber:master bomber is a robot that is wearing a mask that looks like altairs mask, a cape that looks like nitros cape and he has a st…

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  • JoeJoeTheAnimator

    Well , I Got Blocked But Tell me Who User Blocked Me On The Bomberman Wiki So

    NOTE: I'm Not Mad!

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  • BlackLouie


    January 2, 2013 by BlackLouie

    Topper was born in bomber city in 1996, his only way of learing magic was practicing it. He has improved on all of the tricks and basics that he had.

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  • Bermuda


    July 30, 2011 by Bermuda

    Welcome to Bomberman Fanon Wiki! You can create some stories or character pages.

    Anyways, this wiki is not yet big. I, Bermuda, plan to expand it, and help it grow. You may also see me in Bomberman Wiki as one of the administrators. Contact me for help!

    See ya!

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