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Realese DateEdit

Japan: 28th April 2013

Europe: 5th May 2013

USA: 12th May 2013

Korea: 19th May 2013

AUS: 26th May 2013.


Characters White Bomber Black Bomber

Red Bomber

Blue Bomber Green Bomber Yellow Bomber Pink Bomber Aqua Bomber Orange Bomber
Alternative #1 Cheerful White Cool Black Priate Red Kid Blue Bookworm Green Giant Yellow Cute Pink Star Aqua Old Orange
Alternative #2 All White Bomber Dark Bomber Fire Bomber Shy Bomber Mushmellow Bomber Happy Bomber Pretty Bomber Water Bomber Pumpkin Bomber
Alternative #3 Darting Gun Bomber Ninja Bomber Wizard Bomber Superman Bomber Tower Bomber Glue Bomber Love Bomber Air Bomber Oldest Bomber
Alternative #4 Bright Bomber Anger Bomber Postman Bomber Police Bomber Dr. Man Bomber Shine Bomber

Beautieful Bomber

Light Blue Bomber

Pump Bomber
Acceleration 5 5 1 3 2 1 45 15 -
Speed 5 5 7 9 8 19 5 35 -
Weight Medium Medium Light Light Heavy Heavy Light Heavy -
Playable? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1-2. Light

3. Medium

4. Heavy

5-Very Higher. Speedier.

Grand PrixEdit



Custom (Unlockable compeleting 50cc all cup)



Mirror 50 or 100 or 150 or 200 (Unlockable 150 or 200cc all cup)


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Blue Bomber Circuit Frappe Snowland Sherbet Land Yellow Bomber's Stadium
Pink Beach Red's Priate Island Deflino Square Dino Dino Jungle
Baby Park Banshee Boardwalk Ghost Valley Black's Castle
Desert Hills Aqua Jungle Parkway White Bomber Circuit Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lighting Cup
Mushroom Beach Sherbet Ice White's Snowboard Cross Shell Beach
Egg Falls Red's Priate Cave Shell Cape Airship Fortess
Spooky Short-House Mushroom Peaks/ Maple Treeway Black Castle
White Bomber Raceway Pink Bomber's Ice Rink Grumble Voloanco Rainbow Road
Items Items Came Place Speed #
1x Banana 1st-8th -10 cc 1
2x and 3x Bananas 3rd-8th -20 cc, -30 cc 2
1x Shell, Red 2nd-8th -15 cc 3
2x and 3x Shells, Red 4th-8th -30 cc, -60 cc 4
1x Mushroom 4th-7th +25 cc 5
2x and 3x Mushrooms 4th-7th +50 cc, + 75 cc 6
Spiny Shell

3 Laps order


  • White Bomber Appears in every single games
  • Red Bomber Colors are now Dark to Red!
  • Alternative are added in the game!