Dinosaur Land is a Bomberman Clone. Instead of Cheerful White, you're playing as Chen, a pink herbivorous Ceratosaurus. This game is also packed with Super Welsh's Great Adventures 2 and 5 and Musapey's Choco Marker.

The story takes place after Welsh is transformed into Jamaka-Somaka. Then, Dr. Roy Curien is trying to infect Planet Starlight with his zombifying virus. Only Chen that can save the world

List Of Levels:

World 1: Nublar Swamps (Nublar Suot)

Boss: Gelatinous Greedy Organism, Temperance

World 2: Sandopolis Desert and Pyramid (Sandopolis autiomaa ja Pyramid)

Boss: Puppeteer Imp, Zeal and Headless Puppet, Kuarl

World 3: Nublar Ruins (Nublar Rauniot)

Boss: Amphibious Mutant, Hierophant

World 4: Curien's Frozen Laboratorium (CURIEN n Pakastetut laboratorio)

Boss: ????

World 5: Sega Ocean Caves (Sega valtamerellä luolat)

Boss: Gigantic Decapod, Karkinos

World 6: Beetleland City (Kovakuoriaisen Maata kaupungin)

Boss: 4-Armed Primate, Justice

World 7: Coastal Castle (Rannikon linnassa)

Boss: Gigantic Evil Cephalopod, Bakuteriya and Intelligent Gastropod Doctor, Bramb

World 8: Mt. Firepeak (tulipalo tulivuori)

Boss: Igneous Rock Monster, Gangoron

World 9: Curien's Trap Cave (CURIEN n ansa Luola)

Boss: The Pseudoroids

World 10: Curien's Lab (CURIEN n laboratorio)

Boss: Dr. Roy Curien and Sentient Pyromaniacal Demon, Magician

Ending: Dr. Roy Curien is arrested by Chen. And, King Lichyi give Chen a Heroic Dinosaurs Medal


Terrestrial (can speed up to 5): Yoshi, Pommy Dragon, Prince Froggy and Freeze Turtle

Aquatic (Can enter Nublar Ruins' and Lake Plesio's water area): Fire Sharker, King Cro, Prosperity Crab and Baby Penguin

Aerial (Can fly through soft blocks): Lakitu's cloud, Pirani, Angry Red Bird and Pteranodon

Versions: Only USA, EUR, FIN, CHN and POL only, JAP is under development due to a new character

Extended Cut: The Extended Cut have 7 extra worlds (with bosses) and it just only an expansion pack

Director's Cut: Shortened version of Dinosaur Land, but only untill (world)-4 where the player faces the boss instead of facing the boss at (world)-8