Dinosaur Land 2 is a sequel to Dinosaur Land. Dinosaur Land 2 is already released at 04-02-2012. Dinosaur Land 2 runs on the NetImmerse game engine and the storyline takes after the events of Super Welsh's Great Adventures 6.


Welsh's little sister, Pastel is kidnapped by Basil Goldman, Caleb Goldman's successor. It's up to Dino to rescue Pastel before Basil kills Pastel for her liver in a fight!

List Of Levels and Bosses:

World 1: The Isla Sorna Jungle (Isla Sorna peliä)

Boss: Bulbed Plant Horror, Choking Weed

World 2: Alin Desert's Moai Ruins (Alin Autiomaa n Moai Rauniot)

Boss: Hopping Monolith, Dogas and Standing Monolith, Vaif

World 3: Beetleland Sewage Plant (Kovakuoriaisen Maata viemärit)

Boss: Big Obese Amphibian, Lobber

World 4: Fragrance Mountain (Tuoksut vuoristoalueiden)

Boss: Gigantic Robotic Primate, Mecha Gorilla

World 5:The Deep Reefs (Syvällä riuttoja)

Boss: Biomechanical Lobster Belser, Dual Shears

World 6: Ruinas de Las Cascadas (Ruins of The Waterfalls) (Rauniot ja Vesiputouksia)

Boss: Black Flesh Ripper Piscine, Serrasalmus Rhombeus

World 7: The Sky Sanctuary (Taivas pyhäkkö)

Boss: Gigantic Bird, Scavenger

World 8: Formidable Guardians (pelottava Suojelijat)

Bosses: Great Mighta, King Monsta, Tetran, Ultros, Hierophant, Kligan and Zombot (Piloted by a pig)

World 9: Basil's Dark Palace (Vasilin palatsi)

Bosses: Dr. Basil Goldman and Queensrÿche (actually you're not fighting Queensrÿche but you get on it and blow up it's red cores)

Ending: And then, Dr. Basil Goldman is arrested by Welsh, using his Ice Mage skills. And then, Dino released Pastel from Basil's electric prison, and they lived happily ever after

Versions: USA, EUR, FIN, CHN, JAP, SWD and the new version, DEN

Extended Cut: (Under Construction)

Director's Cut: Same as Dinosaur Land 1

Long Version: Basically a long version of Dinosaur Land that includes Dinosaur Land, Ext. Cut, 2 Ext. Cut and 2 and you play it straight without exiting the game. The long version is still under construction.