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Red Bomberman

If you want to create a character page for one of your fan fiction, feel free to create one! You can follow these tips to creating a character page:

  • Create a page with the sub name "Characters" of your fan fiction.
    • Example: Bomberman Explorers/Characters
    • Example: Jetters/Characters
  • If the character is recurring throughout your fan fiction, such as White Bomberman, you can create a sub page with the name "White Bomberman".
    • Example: Bomberman Explorers/White Bomberman
    • Due to popular picks and most well-known characters, it's best to create the page, as shown in the previous example, to make sure nobody but you can put your information down for that character.

You do not need to follow these, but it's better to keep the reader know that these "characters" are in this fan fiction.