Jumbo Kong Country Touched! is the first Hanvon Drawing Tablet based game in the entire Jumbo Series (Welsh Series only have Welsh Labyrinth 1, Welsh Labyrinth 2, Welsh's Sketchy Microgames and Welsh's Chronicles: The Story of Death Crimson Touched!). The events of the story takes place after Jumbo Kong 64 and the East Coast Road car accident.


Welsh always remember and remember about the East Coast Road car accident that caused the death of one of his friends, Ramona Flowers. Welsh always needed that only one Ultra Blue Potion. But, a Belser Maverick from Planet Vadis named Sting Chameleon steals the potion and held it in his chest. Welsh commanded Jumbo and AiAi to go after Sting Chameleon.

Worlds and Bosses:

World 1: Jungle Japes Returns (tyytyväisiä viidakossa palauttaa)

Boss: Mugly (Music: DK Jungle Climber Banana Ship theme)

World 2: Lazuardi Ruins Returns (Lazuardi Rauniot Palauttaa)

Boss: Emperor Scorpion (Music: Animal Kaiser! Theme Of The Deserts)

World 3: Beetleland Mines (Kovakuoriaisen Maata kaivokset)

Boss: Giga (Music: Salamander Poison Of Snake)

World 4: Beetleland Mountain (Kovakuoriaisen Maata Vuori)

Boss: Mini Bell (Music: Donkey Kong Land Boss theme)

World 5: Ocean Base (valtameren Tietokanta)

Boss: Launch Octopus (Music: Darius Boss Scene 4)

World 6: Adder's Fortress Remains (Adder: n linnoituksen edelleen)

Boss: Mecha Actaeon Beetle (Music: Kirby and the Amazing Mirrors Miniboss theme)

World 7: Recon Base Ruins (Jälleenrakennus Tietokanta Rauniot)

Boss (Form 1): Sting Chameleon (Music: Mega Man X Boss theme)

Boss (Form 2): Stealther-J (Music: Darius Force Spiral Snail)


Stealther-J is destroyed and the Ultra Blue Potion is back at the clean hands of Welsh. Then suddenly after the drip, Ramona brought back to life by Welsh, thanks to the Kongs who helped him

Versions: USA, EUR and FIN