Pastel artwork from Welsh's Chronicles: The Story Of Death Crimson

Pastel is Welsh's little sister. She always gets near to Welsh, stay close to Welsh and always protected by Welsh. But sometimes, she is also kidnapped when Welsh is busy or get his weapon (the Bronze Sword, the Ice Staff or the guns from his V.S.S.E and Resistance days) destroyed or stolen by a stronger villain.


-Dinosaur Land 2: A New Adventure

-Dinosaur Land Long Edition (only at a cutscene)

-Super Welsh's Great Adventures 7

Pastel artwork from Super Welsh's Great Adventures 7

(as a playable character)

-Super Welsh Galaxy: The Story Of The Stars (as a playable character)

-Super Welsh's Kart Racing (as a playable character)

-Welsh's Chronicles: Story Of Death Crimson

Pastel artwork from Dinosaur Land 2

-The Legend Of Welsh: Elemental Stones (pilots Winbee)