Welsh Kieren Newkirk

Welsh artwork from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Welsh Kieren Newkirk (Known as Hakkinen in Finnish versions, Kaplan in Swedish versions, Malle in Danish versions, Wels in Deutsch versions and Stanley in Australian and Japanese versions) is the main protagonist of Welsh series. He is a 16 years old Clavat with a passion for fishing and beating off villains. He is sometimes moves from region to region and always ended at his true home, Whittleton. He has a mother named Faris (from Final Fantasy V), a father named King Sugeng Hartono (King Pulkkinen in Finnish versions), a little sister named Pastel, a grandfather named Cid Haze (from Final Fantasy III) and a pet shark (also his brother) named Goliath (Actually Goliath is Welsh's true brother, Light turned into a shark by Scorch the Dark Lion). Welsh also can transform into many forms (including a vampire bat, a Velez ray or even a bunny girl) using his "Henge" abilty taught by Tanumaru and Konsuke.


Welsh's Swedish name, Kaplan is probably taken from one of Mojang's staff, Daniel Kaplan (Kappische) who also translated Welsh series into Svenska language

Even his name is Welsh, his nationality is always Finnish-Danish

His last name, Newkirk is actually borrowed from the PETA's president, Ingrid Newkirk due to Welsh's fond of aquatic animals

The "Henge" ability first appeared at The Legend Of Welsh: Skyward Sword (only as a vampire bat, an axolotl, a snapping turtle, a tanuki and a Velez ray)

His name, Welsh is derived from Wels, a species of giant catfish (Silurus Glanis)